About This Blog

Photo by Tim Rains


I’m Katie.  I love to travel, read good books, drink delicious wine, and take lots of pictures.  That photo up there is of me on a dock on the west shore of Lake Tahoe.  I look like that most of the time.

After graduating from college, I expected to eventually open up a portrait studio.  After working in three studios in the course of five years, I realized that it was really exhausting for me to interact with one different personality after another.  I found I much preferred sitting in the back office, culling the images and tweaking them to perfection (I also really enjoyed Photoshopping the zits, it was almost meditative).

Early on, I switched from a film camera to a digital SLR, which I carried with me everywhere.

I started documenting like crazy because my husband, Matt, and I were living in a new place and there was so much to explore.  And we started traveling more and more with friends, and still the SLR accompanied me on these trips.

And so I created this blog to share my adventures in photography at home and abroad.

Realizing that portraiture was obviously the wrong path, I started working in a photo lab in the back of a camera store.

During my time at the photo lab, I realized just how many people take pictures, they might not be into photography, but they definitely want to document their memories.  I spent a lot of time “fixing” things (by request, of course) that easily could have been avoided by taking the picture in a slightly different way.  I really enjoyed making their photos look their best, but I also loved talking to people who were passionate about making better images.

So I started a series of quick and easy tips.  Tips that benefit non-photographers too, because we all take photos, right?

Brian Jump Collage

In a nutshell…

Aside from photo tips, what you’ll find on this blog is a mix of travel recommendations for places I love + inspiration for getting outside and experiencing nature + a whole lot of photographs.  People have told me that my photographs have inspired them to get out and enjoy their world.  That is a huge compliment so I hope I might inspire you to discover and do the things that you love too.

And since I’m spending so much time on this space, why not try to make a little money…

I sell stuff!

I sell fine art prints on traditional photo paper, canvas, and more.  I’m always adding more images, so please let me know if you saw something on the blog that you’d like to purchase that is not yet in the gallery.  I also sell stock photography through Alamy, istock, and Shutterstock.

Print Samples

(Interested in selling your own stuff? Check this out. And this too!)

If you’d like to see more of my work, I’ve put together a portfolio of all my favorite photos here.  Or you can subscribe via email to get updates of my weekly posts.

Disclosure: Every so often, you’ll see an affiliate link to products I absolutely love and would highly recommend, things like my most favorite book for learning photography. If you purchase something through these links, I may get a small amount of money from the sale at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

I take copyright very seriously…

All photographs are taken by me unless otherwise noted.  Please do not download or use my photographs without contacting me first.  Thank you.

Let’s chat!

If you have questions regarding any of the places I’ve posted about or if you have a question about photography, I’d love to hear from you!  (or email me direct: katie@kdickinsonphotography.com)

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