Emerging From a Creative Slump

Charlevoix, Michigan

I haven’t picked up my camera since mid-March.  I forget that this happens every year around this time.  The creative slump.  Feeling less than inspired by the late winter/early spring weather.  Having the desire to make art, but not really getting around to it.  And of course, these things are often accompanied by the overly dramatic (and ridiculous!) thoughts that I will never take another good picture again.  You know what I’m talking about, just insert your creative endeavor (I will never write another good book, create another painting, design another website, etc.) here.

Charlevoix, Michigan

Recently, I was sipping my morning coffee and had the feeling of being watched.  I looked up, and just outside the window there was a doe watching me.  Her head was outlined with the glow of the sunrise and every breath she took was visible through the chill in the air.  It was gorgeous.

I didn’t have my camera with me, and even if I did I wouldn’t have been able to get a clear shot from where I sat.  Just seeing what would have made a beautiful image made me feel excited about photography again.

Winter Morning

And just like that, after the strangest winter I have ever had, with the longest stretches between pressing that shutter button, I am so excited to get out there and shoot.

If you’re in a creative slump, just be patient, you will snap out of it too. I promise.

Charlevoix, Michigan

Charlevoix, Michigan

Charlevoix, Michigan

Lake Michigan

All photos were taken in March 2017 in Charlevoix, Michigan.

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