Playa Rincon: A Postcard Perfect Beach (+ My Favorite Camera for Travel)

Hey friends,

Matt and I just returned from Dominican Republic.  During our stay, we went to Playa Rincon, a beach located on the Samana Peninsula, outside of Las Galeras.  I’ve only been twice, but I’ve declared it my favorite beach because of the soft, white sand, and the gorgeous blue water. Oh, and most importantly, it’s so quiet and secluded – and so much fun to photograph.


Lately, when traveling, I’ve been leaving my bulky Nikon SLR at home and taking the very compact Sony RX100 III (Here is the most current model, but the older versions are still available.).  I love to travel with the Sony because it fits in my small purse that I always carry.  It takes gorgeous photos with the automatic settings (But you can also shoot in manual!  And in RAW!).  And unlike other point and shoot cameras, you can enlarge your photos pretty darn big without losing quality (It has a 1 inch sensor!).

Of course, the camera has countless other features and from what I hear, amazing video quality in the newer models.  But my favorite thing about the camera is the ability to take it with me anywhere that I would take my phone and get much better images.  In fact, when we were in Europe last fall, I wore the damn thing around my neck the entire time we cycled along the Danube River and shot on the fly.  That was amazing!



Anyway, back to the DR.  We had a fabulous time!  I can’t wait to share more images and recommendations of places we loved with you soon.

(Yep, those are affiliate links.  I am truly impressed by this camera.)

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