Tahquamenon Falls and Camping at the Mouth of the Two Hearted River, Michigan

Tahqumenon - upper-falls

In early November, Matt and I drove over to Tahquamenon Falls, a state park in the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I felt really inspired to photograph like crazy, more than normal.

Whitefish Point



The weather was sunny and mild, though there were very few people at the falls (yes!).

Tahquamenon Falls (Lower Falls)
Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan
Upper Falls

Later, when we arrived at the Mouth of the Two Hearted River State Forest Campground, I practically threw myself out of the car when I saw the perfect spot to sleep for the night.  Seriously, I insisted I stay there while Matt continued to check out the other loop and pay for the site.

Two Hearted River

The campsite was right on the Two Hearted River, which was so calm that evening.  The bridge that crossed the river to the beach was close by, and you could see bits of Lake Superior while sitting at the campfire (Things other people might not consider perfect: Spotting several fisherman while peeing in the woods – I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice.  And having the campground dumpster nearby, loaded with fish guts. I take it they don’t have a problem with bears?).

North Country Trail - Bridge Across the Two Hearted
Bridge across the Two Hearted River (also the North Country Trail)
Lake Superior

Sunset on Lake Superior

After we set up camp, while Matt was working on the campfire, I went across the bridge to check out the beach.  It was glowing pink, absolutely gorgeous!

This is the mouth of the Two Hearted River, where it meets Lake Superior.
Can you spot our tent?


Next up, star trails!  I know, big surprise.  I was only able to shoot for about 40-50 minutes (usually I let the camera go for 2 hours) because a really thick fog rolled in, but I like how the image came out.  And whoever walked across the bridge with their headlamp, I like them too.



The next morning it took awhile for the sun to break through the fog, but when it finally did…

North Country Trail
Lake Superior
Lake Superior
Lake Superior
Mouth of the Two Hearted Campground


This post was originally titled Where I Find Inspiration (Part 2). I wrote a post years ago titled Where I Find Inspiration.  A lot of the elements are the same as they were when I wrote that post: being outdoors, exploring a place that is new to me, snagging the best campsite.

So, that’s where I find mine.  How about you?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Well, many times my inspiration comes from my friend/mentors and their encouragement for me and my work. Beautiful images and a fun adventure! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! Thanks for sharing!


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