Photo a Day Challenge – Update #1

Hey friends, remember when I said I was going to shoot a photo every day this year?  Well… I’m doing it!  I was so very excited to get started in December, and then it quickly turned into being less about photography and more of a documentary project, which is cool (and shouldn’t surprise me, because that’s kind of how I shoot).  January started strong and carried me into February. Then, mid-month, it turned into a – Oh shit, I forgot to take today’s photo, and now it’s dark outside and my dinner is not all that attractive, so I guess I’ll wait until the cats do something cute.

Matt finally called me out on it, and my waning enthusiasm for this project made me realize that I needed to get out of this creative rut I was in and finally make major change in my life: you see, every day when I was at work, I desperately wanted to be home working on my own photography projects.  And a full-time job consumes a lot of time.  So, as you can imagine, I was getting progressively more miserable.  Which is too bad for everyone involved.  (I’d like to point out that there is nothing wrong with my job, I’ve just worked at the same place for nine years.  Nine Years.)

Anyway, change is upon us… More on that soon.

Damn, that was deep!  This is only the first quarter of the year, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.  In the meantime, here’s a sampling of photos from the first three months of 2016:

Snowstorm in Charlevoix, Michigan
January 01 – Snow Globe
Homemade Empanadas
January 02 – Empanadas
Close Up of 35mm Film Strips
January 04 – Back to Work
A cozy corner in a pub in Carson City, Nevada
January 06 – The Pub
Raindrops on a car winshield
January 13 – Raindrops on My Windshield
Sunrise on 5th Street, Carson City, Nevada
January 14 – Sunrise on 5th Street
Snow on Slide Mountain, Carson City, Nevada
January 15 – Snow on Slide Mountain
My Morning Walk Book
January 16 – My Morning Walk Book
Vintage Cameras
January 19 – These Are Taking Over the Shop
My Morning Walk, Carson City, Nevada
January 20 – My Morning Walk Habit Returns
Reflection of a Man on a Rainy Day
January 22 – Rain Shadow
X Country Skiing at Spooner State Park, Nevada
January 31 – X Country Skiing at Spooner
Chickadees at Chickadee Ridge, Mt Rose, Nevada
February 07 – Chickadee Dee Dee
Frosty Morning in Carson City, Nevada
February 09 – Frosty Morning
 Galentines Day Hike, Carson City, Nevada
February 13 – Galentine’s Day
Close up of loose chamomile tea
February 15 – Tea Time
 All the Thoughts - My Journal and Pens
February 16 – All the Thoughts
Friday Night In
February 19 – Quiet Friday
052 02-21 Nevada City 12 01
February 21 – Nevada City 12:01
Making Sweet Potato Gnocchi
February 22 – Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Lompa Ranch, Carson City, Nevada
February 23 – Morning on the Ranch (South)
At the Club
February 27 – Ooh La La
065 03-05 Superbloom 2
March 05 – Desert Five Spot, Death Valley
 Mono Lake Basin, California
March 06 – Mono Lake Basin
 Rainbow, Carson City, Nevada
March 09 – Rainbow
Puzzle and Puzzle Pieces
March 10 – Puzzin’
 This is How We Sunday
March 13 – This is How We Sunday
075 03-15 Morning on the Ranch
March 15 – Morning on the Ranch (North)
All the Babies, Lompa Ranch, Nevada
March 16 – All the Babies
Close up of Brussels Sprouts in a colander
March 17 – Green
A Long Shadow
March 18 – Taller Than Brian
 My Drinking Buddy
March 19 – My Drinking Buddy
We All Tried to Draw a Bike
March 20 – One Bike, Four Ways
 All You Can Eat Sushi
March 27 – All You Can Eat

Is anybody else out there doing a photo challenge this year?  How’s it going?  What have you learned?  Let us know in the comments.

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