Weekend Getaway: Nevada City, California

Thea and I have been wanting to visit Nevada City since we stopped there for lunch almost a year ago.  The quaint Gold Rush town instantly lured us in with its charming old buildings and friendly people.  (The entire downtown is registered as a national historic landmark.  That’s more than 90 buildings!)

This past weekend, we decided to go.  We stayed at the super charming Outside Inn, we shopped, we did a little wine tasting, we ate well at Three Forks (twice!) and Lefty’s.  We sat in the middle of a packed room for a cabaret show (and devoured a caramel-y, chocolate-y slice of pie during intermission), and sipped a nightcap while listening to live music among a very eclectic crowd.

Nevada City, California

What is it exactly that makes Nevada City so appealing?  It’s not just the theater/art scene, or the number of buildings from the late 1800’s, or even the proximity to so many great outdoor activities.  It’s a feeling you get, a feeling that the residents take pride in their town and really seem to happily coexist.

Outside Inn, Nevada City

Outside Inn, Nevada City
Our room at the Outside Inn.

Nevada City, California

Three Forks Brewery, Nevada City
Three Forks Bakery and Brewing Co.

Szabo Vineyards

Szabo Vineyard Tasting Room, Nevada City

Outside Inn, Nevada City

Off Broadstreet, Nevada City

Off Broadstreet, Nevada City
Intermission at Off Broadstreet.

Nevada City

Have you been to Nevada City?  What are your favorite things to do there?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Wow, you have made this town incredibly enticing….great job Katie! The town should be paying you for excellent advertising! Maybe you should send this to their chamber of commerce?

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