My Morning Walk: A Photo Challenge

Several times a week before heading to work, I take a walk.  It’s become such an important part of my morning routine.  At the end of 2014, I had accumulated a few really nice shots that I had taken during these walks, so Matt challenged me to take a photo every time I went on my morning walk for a year.  In 2015, I did just that.

These photos were all taken within the same 2.6 mile route, between 7-7:30 am, and shot only with my iPhone.  Though I regret not having a better camera with me at times, having the restriction made the challenge all the more… challenging.

Here are all the photos, I think it’s pretty cool to see the changes in the seasons, the colors of the landscape, the light.

001 Morning Walk Collage

002 Morning Walk

003 Morning Walk

004 Morning Walk Collage

005 Morning Walk

006 Morning Walk

007 Morning Walk Collage

008 Morning Walk Collage

009 Morning Walk

010 Morning Walk

011 Morning Walk Collage

012 Morning Walk Collage

013 Morning Walk

014 Morning Walk

019 Morning Walk Collage

020 Morning Walk

021 Morning Walk

015 Morning Walk Collage

016 Morning Walk

017 Morning Walk

In 2016, I plan to shoot a photo a day.  No rules, no restrictions, simply one photo a day.  I’m excited!

018 Morning Walk

What challenges are you planning for yourself in 2016?

6 thoughts

  1. You live in a beautiful area, and the photos are stunning. I especially appreciate the winter and autumn series.

    My personal challenge for 2016 is to take a photo every day to practice my skills at photography, which up till now, has been rudimentary at best.

    I look forward to your blog in the new year, and I hope you have a fabulous one!


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