Biking the Danube: Grein to Melk, Austria

In September, Matt and I, and five of our friends went on a river cruise/bicycle ride on the Danube River.  We departed from Passau, Germany, went all the way to Vienna, Austria, and came back – with lots of stops along the way.  Over the course of a week, we cycled around 250 km, and the boat took us the rest of the way.

Every evening, our guide would map out our cycling route for the following day, he gave us recommendations for places of interest and suggestions on where to eat and drink.   He also gave us the time that we had to be back on board – and after that, we were on our own.  It was a wonderful way to see the Austrian countryside.

In case you missed them: Part 1 – Passau to Linz Part 2 – Mauthausen to Grein

Danube River - kdickinson photography
Day 3 – Grein to Melk

As we were riding out of Grein on the third day of biking, the fog was so gorgeous I stopped often to take photos.  We meandered along the Danube for 50 km, stopping often for… refreshments.  When we reached the town of Melk, we ditched our bikes and walked into town for a brief visit.

Grein, Austria

Danube River, Austria

Danube River
We stop for pictures.
And for beers.

Snack Break

Danube River

kdickinson photography

Biking the Danube River
Lunch Break

Biking the Danube River

Melk - kdickinson photography
Melk Abbey. This Benedictine abbey was built in the early 18th century, but the Benedictines have been in earlier incarnations of the abbey since 1089.
The streets in Melk, Austria
The streets in Melk
Our Boat
We cruised through several locks.

Back on the boat, we stayed on deck to watch the sunset as we cruised through the Wachau, part of the Danube Valley, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The scenery is beautiful with no shortage of craggy cliffs and castles – and vineyards! This valley has a mild climate that’s just right for grape growing and wine making.

kdickinson photography
kdickinson photography

kdickinson photography                                             kdickinson photography                                 kdickinson photography

To be continued…

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