Quick Tips for Better Photos: Be Patient

Hey friends, I think it’s safe to say that most of us like to take photos, right?  But I also realize that most people don’t actually want to learn photography, what they want is a few easy tips to take better photos.  So I’m starting this monthly series to help you with that, whether you have an SLR, a point and shoot camera, or even a smartphone.

You know that shot you missed, the absolutely perfect one when the bear caught the fish in his mouth, when the clouds opened up and revealed the beautiful mountains for just a moment, or when that person turned their head and the light hit their face just right?

Next time you can leave your finger on the shutter button, shooting in the sports or continuous mode for 15 minutes to capture the perfect moment, but that won’t make you a stronger photographer.  Don’t care about that?  Then think about how wading through all those photos later is going to take a big chunk of your time (yuck!), and most importantly, you might actually miss the shot.

Why not try practicing the art of patience?  You can enjoy the moment and get the shot too.  Try waiting for the elements to align perfectly, better yet, get to know your camera and how quickly you can get that shutter to react.

Eagle Collage

Teton Collage

Cenote Collage

Whale Collage

Linger a few minutes longer, wait for the crowd to clear, get to know your subject better – and you will be better prepared for when that perfect moment arrives.

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