Robb’s Hut (Part 2)

Robbs Hut
View from Robb’s Hut

You know how I keep saying that I feel creatively recharged when I spend time outdoors?

Recently, we stayed at a cabin on the Eldorado National Forest.  There were very few pictures on the internet about this cabin rental (and not much information about it either) so we did not know what to expect.  What we did know was that there would be a view because there is a fire lookout tower on the same property.

As we were climbing up in elevation on the drive to Robb’s Hut, little bits of the landscape were visible through the trees, and well, it was amazing.  The cabin itself was cozy and clean, but the lure of the scenery kept us outdoors most of the weekend.  So here it is, in pictures, the best way I know how to describe things:

Robbs Hut
Loon Lake
Robbs Hut
More night photography
Robbs Hut
While I was photographing the cool clouds, Thea took this even cooler photo of me.
Robbs Hut
And the sunset later that night.
Robbs Hut Startrails
Star Trails before more clouds rolled in – the moon is behind me lighting up the foreground.

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