What Makes You Happy?

On Friday, I had the opportunity to take a camera home and test it out over the weekend.  Of course I jumped at the chance (For those of you who are interested, it was a Sony RX100 III.  A small point and shoot with a big sensor!  See test pics below.).

On Saturday morning, I set out to take my normal walk, but this time I had a camera in hand.  (Literally it was in my hand the whole time, ready to shoot.  I hike like that too, sometimes for miles at a time – not a good idea with a heavy DSLR.)  Anyway, I’m on the path with the borrowed camera poised and ready.   There were more people than usual out enjoying the day.  Everyone was friendly, but not just the normal friendly, they were beaming at me.  Every single person.  Even the serious bikers.  Why?  I think I was beaming right back.  I was in my element, not wanting to be anywhere else.

It’s those moments that we need more of in our lives, right?  Are you doing enough of the things that make you happy?


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