Are You Backing Up Your Photos?

Have you ever lost an important photo?  I have.  I’ve had a computer take a dump, a camera fry my memory card, and had two weeks of a vacation vanish.  It hurts.

And of course you build these lost photos up in your mind.  They were the best photos ever, right?

Sometimes these losses cannot be prevented, but being proactive when you can can save you from a lot of heartache. Yes, heartache.  And frustration and sadness.

How would you feel if you lost one, some or even all of your photos?  Those precious family memories, holidays, vacations, homes you’ve lived in, old friends, grandparents…

Do you back up your photos?  Do you have them saved in not just one, but two places?  You know you can plug your phone into your computer and upload your photos just the same as if you were getting them from a CD or memory card.

If you’ve run out of space on your computer, get an external hard drive – or two.  Back up your pictures on the cloud or some other online storage space.  Burn your photos to DVDs.  Print them out!

Whatever you do, back them up regularly and in more than one place.  Don’t put it off, do it now.  I know DVDs don’t last forever, internet companies go out of business, and hard drives fail.  But they’re here now.

And seriously, print your photos!  Display them!  Make an album!

DE collage

DE collage

These pictures were taken over 15 years ago, but they represent some of my favorite memories from when I was growing up – Our annual family reunions in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  I started documenting them when I got into photography, and oh I wish I would’ve taken so many more… But the point is, I would hate to lose these.

So, are you backing up your photos?

5 thoughts

  1. I was tracking with everything you were saying (I personally have triple redundancy for my images), right up until you attempted to assert that you grew up. Sorry, you lost me there. By the way, Rehoboth Beach looks a little different these days, but it’s been a couple years since I was there.

    Thanks – Photorogr


  2. I LOVE seeing these pictures again, but it is so sad we cannot be there……..we had Diane and Dickson over for dinner last night and Diane said Donna is the one that ruined it for them and they just do not want to do that again……sad,sad,sad!

    Sent from my iPad



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