What I’ve Learned From Travel (Part 1)

Playa Santa Maria, Los Cabos
Playa Santa Maria, Los Cabos

This recent trip I took to Baja felt like it went so smoothly.  Perhaps it’s because we’ve been to the area twice already – or maybe because I’m finally feeling like I got this travel thing down.  Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

KDickinson Photography - Cabo Pulmo
Cabo Pulmo

Relax, you’re on vacation!  I’m a big worrier, and it’s really annoying, but I’ve found a good solution to ease my mind while I’m away from home.  About two weeks before I leave, I make a to-do list of what needs to be done both at home and at work – having that long stretch of time with your mind focused on leaving town, it actually helps you remember all those incidental things.

I also have an extremely trustworthy friend check on our kitties while we’re gone, and that’s a huge weight lifted for me.  After I’ve checked everything off the lists, and we’re on the road, I can worry about all the things that probably won’t happen or I can relax and know I’ve done all I can on my end.

KDickinson Photography - Cabo Pulmo
Cabo Pulmo

Pack Light!  Travel is all about the experiences, and if you’re traveling with family or friends, the time spent together is so important.  Even If your vacation requires both casual and dressy attire, and even if the weather is all over the board, you always wear the same things.  You do.  If you’re going to be driving in your own car, a rental car, or traveling by bus or train or plane, you don’t want to be hauling all the crap from your closet around everywhere.

Even if you’re only staying in one place, it’s really nice to not be overwhelmed by choices, a few things on hangers and a couple of drawers for everything else is perfect.  When you get back from a day at the beach and you freshen up, you don’t want to be standing in the closet wondering what to wear, you want to be with your friends, cocktail in hand, watching the sunset.  Right?

KDickinson Photography - Baja The week before we head out for a trip, I put all the clothes I’m going to need – or everything I think I’ll need – in one area of my closet.  Throughout the week, I pare it down and make sure most pieces actually go together before I pack.

I thought I was doing pretty damn good for this trip to Baja – Matt and I actually shared one (checked) bag –  until I was unpacking in front of my BFF, Tim.  He expressed concern over the amount of clothes I brought.  And he was absolutely right.  I didn’t wear half of what I had brought for our 12 day trip – and we didn’t even do laundry.

How cute is this? A mom and a baby whale.
How cute is this? A mom and a baby whale.  Whale watching in Los Cabos
KDickinson Photography - And this whale breaching? This was amazing!
And this whale breaching? Unbelievable.
At Canon de la Zorra
At Canon de la Zorra – A beautiful waterfall near Santiago.

KDickinson Photography - Baja

Playa Los Cerritos near El Pescadero
Playa Los Cerritos near El Pescadero

There will be snarls in your plans.  To soak up every moment of your trip, you have to take it in stride.

We were almost to Todos Santos when one of our tires blew.  Immediately a family pulled over to help.  Despite the language barrier, and how long the whole ordeal lasted, and the fact that we didn’t actually need help – we really enjoyed what transpired.

Changing the tire took way longer than expected – the spare was in an odd place, as was the crank to lower the tire, and there was no manual as it was a rental.  We had a cooler full of cold drinks, and Grandma accepted our offer for a beer – which she drank in the shade with her daughter (we think) while taking selfies, while the son/grandson helped change the tire.  After the spare was successfully attached, they wouldn’t accept money from us. We all shook hands and while we profusely thanked them, they thanked us too. (This isn’t the first time we’ve had car trouble in Baja, the other flat tire was a very positive experience too.  Also, I think it’s important to note that if you plan to drive around a bit in Baja, you probably will have a flat tire.)

Evening in Cabo Pulmo
Evening in Cabo Pulmo
KDickinson Photography - Cabo Pulmo
Morning in Cabo Pulmo.
KDickinson Photography - Morning coffee in Cabo Pulmo
Cabo Pulmo
On the beach near of Todos Santos.
On the beach between Todos Santos and El Pescadero.

To be continued…

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