Italy in Pictures (Part 1)

Italy is one of my favorite vacation destinations.  I love easing into the laid back lifestyle.  I love the art, the vibrant color of the coast, and of course, the food.

KDickinson Photography - Venice, Italy

These photos I took over three visits between 2000-2008.  Many were shot with film, while only the most recent ones were taken with a digital camera (Can you tell the difference?).

KDickinson Photography - Venice, Italy
KDickinson Photography - Florence, Italy
Ponte Vecchio, Florence
KDickinson Photography - Capri, Italy
KDickinson Photography - Pisa, Italy
KDickinson Photography - Cinque Terre, Italy
Manarola, Cinque Terre
KDickinson Photography - Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre.  If you happen to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful place, I recommend taking the 7.5 mile hike that stretches across all the five villages that make up the Cinque Terre.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.
KDickinson Photography - Ostuni, Italy
Ostuni.  Matt and I went to Ostuni, a city all in white that sits near the Adriatic Sea in the Puglia region of Italy, to attend a wedding.  A few hours before the post-rehearsal party, it was discovered that the hosts had forgotten the wine!  Matt and I found a charming little store that was set to reopen after siesta at 3:00.  Already in the flow of the slower pace of life here, we waited patiently. Around 3:30, the proprietor rolled up on his scooter.  After sampling the wine selection, we walked out with a case mixed with reds and whites and some freebies thrown in too.  We were a welcome sight to the party guests and everyone spent the rest of the evening talking and sipping wine on a rooftop in the middle of town.
KDickinson Photography - Elba, Italy
Marciana Marina, Elba.  We chose this place at random on a map of Elba.  From Florence we took a train, a ferry, and then a bus to get here.  We had a relaxing weekend filled with sun, surf, seafood, and the most charming hotel with a mountain view.  The hotel included a lovely breakfast.  We were seated outside on the patio, surrounded by citrus trees, and were served delicious homemade treats and fresh lemon preserves.  (Apparently this cost less then $20 a night, at least that’s what I wrote in my journal.)  These unexpected adventures that turn out to be so wonderful are my most favorite thing about travel.
KDickinson Photography - Florence, Italy
Florence.  We spied this guy applying his face paint from our apartment window.
View from Piazza Michalangelo, Florence
View from Piazza Michelangelo, Florence.  One of the most memorable meals I had in Florence was at a restaurant called Il Latini.  They opened their doors at 7:30 pm and and a huge crowd had formed holding up their fingers to indicate how many people were in their party.  I was with two of my roommates and we got in – and proceeded to eat and eat.  At the time (back in 2000) it was only about $27 per person for the fixed priced menu which included:  a giant bottle of Chianti, prosciutto and melon, bruschetta and liver pate, ravioli and bean soup, veal and vegetables, tiramisu with a glass of butterscotch flavored brandy.  They also gave us a bottle of wine on the way out.  Amazing.
KDickinson Photography - Italy
Somewhere in the Dolomites.  I am embarrassed to say, I don’t remember the name of this town.
KDickinson Photography - Italy
Polignano a Mare
KDickinson Photography - Trulli House, Alberobello
KDickinson Photography - Camogli, Italy

Look for Part 2 next week.

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