Around Here, Lately

KDickinson Photography - 001 Around HereAround here, I’ve been working on my morning walk photo challenge.

KDickinson Photography

KDickinson Photography - 002 Around HereI’ve been seizing every photo opportunity when I see one – with my phone.

KDickinson Photography - 007 Around HereAnd I’ve been uploading this series of photos that Thea and I took last fall and thought would be a fun addition to my stock site.

Despite all of that, I am in a creative rut.  But it’s okay, it happens.  It’s all part of the process, right?  It’s a good time to catch up on editing, to focus on other things (like those mundane tasks that get put off), and to reflect on what’s working and what needs to change.

I know I can quickly get back in the game by immersing myself in nature.  Or by going on a Big Adventure (a small adventure works too, but getting away from home for at least a weekend is key.).  Or even just talking about it with other people or writing about it in a journal can help to bring about new ideas.

How about you?  Do you have a surefire way of getting yourself out of a creative rut?

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