Finding Balance (or Something Even Better)

Tim in Cave 3Hey friends,

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with photography, but I think it is relevant to time management/pursuing your creative projects.

You see, lately I’ve been thinking about a solution to finding balance (not that I’m even sure that can exist, at least not for very long).  We can all relate, right?  Between work (a full time job that pays the bills), play (For me my photography projects, including this blog, can often feel like a full time job, but with inconsistent pay.  But I love it all too much to give it up.), time with friends, time alone, and of course the house always needs dusting.

And then I read a blog post about a lovely concept called Tilting, leaning towards what you need to do right now.  It’s always changing based on priorities and what’s currently going on in your life.  It seems like a more sustainable concept, like going with the flow as opposed to having a rigid idea of what needs to be “balanced.”  It makes me feel more calm/way less overwhelmed from the never ending to-do list.  Here’s the post, which I really recommend you read.

Matt Brian TahoeI’d like to write more about this, but it’s Tuesday night and I always like to have a blog post up on Wednesday morning.  Right now I’m tilting towards sleep.  ;)

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