A Photo Challenge

Sunrise in Carson City, NevadaThis time of year I generally don’t do much shooting, instead I spend a lot of time catching up on all the photo editing I never got to from August through December.  And then I upload several of those photos to sell as stock photography.  This year is no exception.

Carson City, NevadaSunrise in Carson City, NevadaI have been, however, working on a photo challenge that Matt suggested I try: take a picture each and every time I walk in the morning for one year.  It was inspired by the last few months of 2014 when I started taking pictures of the gorgeous sunrises (and the funny cows).

So this is a real challenge as in I walk a 3 mile loop – not a lot of area to cover –  so I don’t want to get too repetitious with my photos. I’m also limited in photographic tools (As in I’m only using my phone to shoot, I don’t want to carry my SLR around when the actual main goal of my walk is to get exercise.  Though I have missed some good shots of hawks, a blue heron, and a coyote.  Argh.).

But on the other hand, I’ve noticed that I’m constantly looking for a good shot, a different shot.  And that makes it so easy (and fun!) to find beauty in the places you would least expect.  I’m also really excited to head out the door on those mornings (I don’t go every day but this is a good motivator to go more often.).

Here’s a few pictures of my progress so far.  I’m also posting these on Instagram as I take them.

My Morning Walk CollageHave you tried a photo challenge, a writing challenge, or anything like it to help boost your creativity?

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