Good Reads: Photography + Inspiration

Fall in Graeagle, CaliforniaAs a blogger, I like reading other blogs.  I come across a lot of interesting articles and ideas.  Instead of just forwarding them on to my mom, I’d like to share them with all of you too.

Here are a few that relate to photography:

Have you ever taken a photo with your smart phone and gone to your local photo lab to get a 4×6 print?  And the print comes back with heads cut off?  Have you purchased a 16×20 frame and chose your most favorite image that you took with your DSLR to have printed for that frame and it came back extremely cropped?  It’s all about aspect ratio.  If you ever want to have anything printed, the old analog stuff, the ancient, crumbling prints you found in the attic that you’d like restored, and even digital files, please, please, please read this short article.

Yes, yes, and yes!  I agree with this whole post about mistakes you need to make when learning photography. 

Hee!  I talk to a lot of folks who seem way more interested in gear than in actually taking a picture.  Good article on improving your photography.

And a couple that I find inspiring:

A great reminder to take a step back and see that what you already have is probably all you need.  This story really puts things into perspective.

Seriously, I’m sure we can all cut out some of the bullshit to do the things we truly love.  Don’t waste a moment.

Snag Lake - Graeagle, CaliforniaSnag Lake - Graeagle, CaliforniaPhotos from a recent fall camping trip outside of Graeagle, California.

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