Are You Giving Yourself Enough Time To Create?

Lately I’ve been reading about priorities. And I’ve been watching a few people struggle with trying to find a balance between work that pays the bills and more desirable work that could potentially pay the bills if enough time was devoted to it to find out.

I’ve been there.  Actually, I’m kind of in the thick of it myself.

Palm SpringsEver since I started shooting digital, I was going out and taking pictures but then it would take weeks (sometimes months) before I would get to the editing and the sharing part.  It was gnawing away at me, I had this urge to do something with my pictures, but I wasn’t sure what, or how, or when.

So I started this blog, as a place to showcase my photos. But the posts were too sporadic and I was craving consistency, some kind of goal to meet.  That’s when I realized that I had to make the time to work on my creative projects.  I had to make having a blog where I post regularly became a priority, or else it wasn’t going to happen.

We make our own choices.

SedonaThere was a bit of resistance at first, and I often wondered if I should be out living instead of hunkered down in front of my computer.  But the reality is, this is a great outlet for me, and it feels really good to put my stuff out there.

I don’t know where I’m headed, (I do know that it would be so cool to make a living from my photographs.) but for now, I’m going to continue to schedule time to work on my photography, share on this blog, and to continue adding photos to my gallery.

Sedona Many of you have told me that you felt inspired to visit a certain place you saw here on my blog or you even felt motivated to start your own blog.  And that is so awesome, and it makes this whole thing seem worthwhile.

Are you giving yourself enough time for your creative projects?

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