The Benefits of Art(ing)

As the only two non-skiers, Tim and I were pretty much forced to hang out together on a trip to Jackson Hole.  This was back in 2008, and I didn’t know him terribly well, but we had one thing in common: we were both photographers.

Every morning, while our friends headed out to the mountain, Tim and I searched for wildlife in Grand Teton National Park.  We drove through whiteout snowstorms (why did we do that?), and we wandered around town, alternating between art galleries and ducking into a bar for a glass of wine to discuss creativity and photography.

We called it Arting.

Elk in Jackson, Wyoming

At the end of each day, we would meet up with our friends for happy hour at the local brewery.  They would jokingly ask if we had become BFF’s yet.  And, we had.  We were finding that we could easily bounce ideas off of each other and learn new things.  We admired the others point of view, especially when I would go for a sweeping landscape while Tim was focusing on the small details.  There were no feelings of competitiveness, we were having fun.

Eagle, Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming

After Jackson Hole, Tim and I arted often.  From day trips around Lake Tahoe to vacations with our Travel Club.  We spent entire days shooting and exploring.

Now, we live several states apart, but we still manage to get together at least once a year.  And we always pick up right where we left off.  We still get left behind on the hiking trail while we get caught up in taking a photo.  Our friends still roll their eyes and drift away when we start talking Photoshop.  But we love it that way, right BFF?

Do you have a friend you can take creative outings with?  Someone who inspires you and encourages you?  If you don’t, find one.  It’s so worth it!

BFFs in Baja

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