Where I Find Inspiration

021 Sonora Bridge Campground

What inspires you?  What fills you to the brim with creative ideas?  For me, it’s really simple: day hikes, backpacking, and long, leisurely vacations.  Spending time outdoors really gets me motivated to take photographs.

033 Shooting Star

On a recent camping trip, Matt and I arrived at Sonora Bridge Campground on a Friday evening.  As we drove around looking for a campsite, I was a little disappointed that all the “good ones” appeared to be taken.  We set up our tent at a site that was just okay and then Matt suggested we take one more look around.

020 Sonora Bridge Pano
The view from our campsite at Sonora Bridge Campground in Bridgeport, California.

On first glance the only available site with a view (one of the “good ones”) seemed to be way too small for our group, but I decided to have a closer look, and to my surprise the campsite extended well beyond what was visible from the road.  This was it.  We walked our already pitched tent over and reveled in our find.  Immediately, I began to document with my camera.  It was exactly what I had been hoping for, not only was it beautiful, it was also going to be perfect for a bit of night photography.  I was thrilled and that enthusiasm stuck with me the entire weekend.

027 Sonora Bridge Campground

055 Sonora Pass
Hiking near Sonora Pass, California.

059 Sonora Pass Waterfall

 Sonora Pass Waterfall

112 Sonora Pass

Leavitt Meadows (and Leavitt Falls), Sonora Pass
Leavitt Meadows (and Leavitt Falls), Sonora Pass
145 Star Trails Sonora Bridge
Star Trails from our campsite at Sonora Bridge.

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