On Making Memories (Part 2)

Recently, as we were heading into a three day weekend, I decided that I wasn’t going to worry about getting the pictures this time.  I was going to truly relax, and be totally present and focus on the conversations with my friends.

(Okay, so I know I just send out a plea for people to take more photos, but, you see, I work full time editing and printing other people’s photographs.  Sometimes I think I need a break.)

So as we’re heading out of town (to Chico, for a bike event), I take out my phone and snap a picture because I love the way the rain droplets look against the colors of the high desert background.

RainThen, later, after a miserable drive with snow and ice (and, ahem, California drivers), we finally relax at a brewery for a late dinner.  And the color of the beer looks so beautiful with the lights twinkling overhead.  So I take a picture of that…

Sutter Buttes BreweryThe next day we pass a giant olive sculpture – we have to get a photo of that, Matt and I love olives. (Especially in our martinis!)

Photos by Thea.
Olive photos by Thea.


Back at the fairgrounds where we are camping, they have set up a backdrop with props!

Chico Wildflower
Photo by Matt Dickinson

Where am I going with all this?

Memories.  So alright, I can’t stop taking pictures apparently.  (Even when I make a conscious effort not to.)  I guess I already knew that. My friends definitely know that.

I want to remember the fun times, and the accomplishments.  And I want to print them out for display and make photo albums.  Why?  Because that truly makes me happy.

Was I honestly thinking that I wasn’t going to document my first organized bike ride?  We’re talking 30 miles here.

My Bike



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