Camping at Highland Lakes

Campground at Highland Lakes. November 2013. iPhone 5.Last weekend the road to Highland Lakes had long stretches of ice patches and there was quite a bit of snow on the ground.  We figured it would be chilly for camping at 8,000 feet so we brought along the travel trailer (initially dubbed “The Death Trap” on it’s first outing, but has since proven itself to be worthy after a few minor fixes).

Highland Lakes

The campground was beautiful, and quiet too.  Thea and I went hiking while Matt and Brian fished.  We met up by the campfire when the light began to fade.  After dinner instead of piling on more layers, we retreated to the trailer for lively games of Pictionary (Thea and I kicked their asses) and euchre (Brian and I always kick ass).

Before we went to sleep, I went outside to retrieve my camera that had been clicking away at the night sky.  It was calm and peaceful and filled with stars (and then the trailer was warm and cozy and comfortable).

KDickinson - Highland Lakes

KDickinson - Highland Lakes

KDickinson - Highland Lakes

KDickinson - Highland Lakes

Star Trails Highland LakesA related post: Backpacking in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness  

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