What Do You Do With Your Photographs After You Take Them?

Yay for HikingWithout a camera I feel like I’m missing a limb.  I love to document everything that catches my eye:  my friends meandering along a winding trail, the light creating interesting shadows on the grass, my breakfast.  So, yeah, I take a lot of pictures.  It has taken some time to get a system in place to keep my photographs organized and also coming up with creative ways to enjoy them away from the computer.

Here is the most recent collection of pictures that I have taken, an overnight trip with friends:

The road to Obsidian campground.
The road to Obsidian campground.

Hiking near Obsidian


Leavitt Lake
Leavitt Lake

Fishing at Leavitt LakeWhat happens to your photographs after you take them?  Do they live on your computer, or the memory card in your camera*?  (Please don’t leave them there!)

Do you frame them, share them, print them and put them in a photo album – one you can physically hold and flip through the pages?  You should – isn’t that why you took them in the first place?  What about enlarging them and making an art piece for the wall?  Check out www.blurb.com or www.bayphoto.com for ideas.

These photos are going in my 2013 photo book, right after the July 4 beach pictures and before… Whatever is next!

photo by Matt Dickinson
photo by Matt Dickinson

*I highly recommend regularly uploading the pictures on your memory card to your computer and then saving them to an external hard drive or DVD, or both.  After you have backed up your images, format your memory card in your camera for a fresh start – I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that have lost years of vacations and family memories that they stored in their camera and nowhere else.  Memory cards can corrupt at any time (kind of like when your computer crashes and you lose everything).  Often those lost pictures can be recovered, but it can be very pricey and some files are truncated or so damaged that they are unusable.

If you have any questions about my digital filing system, workflow, or ideas for making photo albums and enlargements, I’d love to hear from you!  There are so many creative ways to get your photos off of your computer and on to your wall (or bookshelf).

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