Pickles: A Love Story

KDickinson - Pickles!

Apparently, while making pickles, my friend Shana and I were discussing our love of pickles.  According to her boyfriend, it was pretty much non-stop.

KDickinson - Pickles!

KDickinson - Pickles!

KDickinson - Pickles!

(We also ate a jar of last year’s pickles while making this year’s pickles.)

KDickinson - Pickles!

If your mouth is watering at the thought of pickles, please try this recipe for crock pickles from my Grandpa Leo, carried on by my Uncle George.  This is a much less laborious process then canning pickles. They taste amazing and they are ready to eat in three days as opposed to three months.  The downside?  They take up space in your refrigerator and they don’t last nearly as long as the traditional pickles.

Don’t forget you can add things like jalapenos or carrots or beans to your pickled creation.  Have fun!

Grandpa Leo’s Awesome Crock Pickles

Makes One Gallon or Four Quarts

6 Cups water

2 Cups white vinegar

1 T. mustard seed

1/2 Cup Kosher salt


1 full bulb of garlic, minced

Fresh dill

Put water, vinegar, mustard seed, and salt into a large pot and bring to a boil.  Stuff cucumbers, garlic and lots of dill in glass jar(s) then fill jar(s) with cooled vinegar mixture.  Let pickles rest three days before eating and keep refrigerated.

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